If you want to get in touch with us then this page will help you. It used to be common for websites to give out an email address for visitors to let us know what they they were looking for on our The Cross Counts website. We did the same when we first built this website back in 2000.

Then came the evil email spiders whose sole purpose was to roam the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week stealing email addresses. These were then added to large databases of valid email to be sold to other email spammers.

Yes we were caught that way and ended up getting hundreds of emails every day! Important messages were getting missed in the deluge of unmissable offers that no-one really wants or needs. Yes, you are still getting them every day aren’t you.

We changed our email address several times but that only meant a brief break from the floods every time we opened up Outlook. They started up again within a couple of weeks.

002_16Then these “contact us forms” started to appear. We realised we had to install one. Tried several different forms before settling on one which fully met our needs.

So having explained why we have gone down this route we also give our sincere apologies to people who strongly dislike them. I personally don’t like using then either but  until we can find something better we ask you to use this method of communications.

[contact-form-7 id=”1034″ title=”Contact form 1″]

We will be back in touch with all genuine peoples within 48 hours dependent on day of the week etc. Usually the same day.

Note this does not apply to people with an offer of some new miracle drug (we don’t need your drugs we know the real miracle maker). Neither do we need to sign up with a SEO specialist.


The Cross Counts